Experience, expedition, and no surprises.  These are the cornerstones for our insurance defense practice.  We possess the experience to accurately assess and navigate the defense of any insured’s legal problem.  We believe any insured, and any insurer, deserves timely resolution of a lawsuit.  No client of ours will be placed in situation where the risks and possible outcomes of each phase of litigation have not been explained and considered.


The firm has more than 100 years of combined experience litigating and defending insureds.  Over the years, we have represented some of the largest insurers in the world, including AIG, Lloyds of London, Home, Aetna, Travelers, Hartford, and Nationwide.  Our representation commonly includes commercial, professional, specialty, home, auto, property, employment, bond and extra contractual.  Our breadth of experience includes representation of independent, captive and general agents, brokers, excess, reinsurance and surplus companies.  Thus, we know the business and the how the process works.  We recognize the needs of our clients to accurately reserve and manage both litigation costs and indemnity.   Over the years our ability to evaluate potential costs and exposure up front has become second nature.  We do not have to spend unnecessary time conducting extensive discovery before providing a value.  Instead, discovery and motion practice are designed to achieve a specific goal, such as developing helpful evidence or narrowing claims.


The journeyman practice of law is of no interest to us.  Our experience is that proactive, aggressive action on our part leads to early resolution and development of a stronger case.  Each case is evaluated for its individual merit.  Our litigation approach avoids a rote process.   Whether to send immediate written discovery and the nature of such discovery depends on the claims made, the attorney representing the plaintiff and the strength of the defense.  No case is perfect, whether plaintiff or defendant.  Each case has a weakness that can be exploited.  We focus on those areas of the case that will bring the plaintiff to the table or put our clients in the best possible position for trial.  Many cases can be settled in the first 90 days.  Some require education of the plaintiff and his or her counsel.  Some require development of other potential defendants or contributors to settlement.  We use all our resources to settle a case quickly, or recommend trial.


Communication and accurate assessment of evidence both up front and as the case develops is essential.  You should know what a case will cost both to defend and settle.  We present you with an analysis of value at each stage of the case.  As discovery is conducted we let you know how it impacts the value of the case and where it will lead.  We outline potential future discovery, investigation and motion practice.  We work with you to provide the best defense for our clients at a reasonable cost to you.  If we recommend settlement, you will know why and how much.  If we recommend trial, you will know the risks and how each venue will affect the result.


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